Tractor-Trailer Underride Accident Attorney

Tractor-Trailer Underride Accident Attorney

Truck underride accidents occur when a passenger car, usually its front, collides with a large truck or the trailer of a tractor-trailer and runs under the truck or trailer. An underride accident is also called an underrun accident. The space between the bottom of the semi-truck and the ground is called the undercarriage. The undercarriage also specifies the space between the road surface and the bottom of any vehicle. The space between the undercarriage of a passenger car is typically only inches to a foot or more from the ground. Sports cars often have an even smaller undercarriage. On the other hand, the bed of a tractor-trailer is often almost four feet above the ground. In an underride accident, the passenger car can go under the trailer, sometimes tearing off the roof and killing the occupants inside. Annually, there are thousands of fatal accidents in rear underride, and about 500 people are killed in side underride collisions. truck accident attorneys

Unfortunately, dirt on trucks often covers the reflective tape, and the requirement for underride guards applies only to new trucks, so many trucks on our roads have not been retrofitted with them. In some cases, underride guards are not strong enough to stop passenger cars’ engine blocks, preventing cars from under-riding in rear collisions. There is still no requirement for side underride guards, and trucking companies do not appear willing to place them on tractor-trailers voluntarily. There are many reasons why underride accidents continue to occur. Conditions that increase the chance that an underride accident will occur include:
a poorly marked truck parked on the side of the road
slowing to exit the road
moving slowly as it enters the road
slowing for a railroad crossing

A slow-moving truck creates less contrast than a faster-moving truck and will be hard to perceive as an obstruction. One car could sideswipe or rear-end another vehicle, temporarily causing it to lose control and strike the truck underride. Other causes:
The truck driver failed to use reflective triangles when broken down or parked on or near the road.
The truck driver fails to use emergency flashers when exiting or entering the highway at slow speeds.
Broken, dim, or dirty taillights
Taillights that are very close together

Poor road lighting can make it difficult to see the outline of a trailer, especially if it is dark-colored. Reduced visibility, such as heavy rain or fog slick road conditions, increases the stopping distance for a car approaching a tractor-trailer. Additionally, a truck driver that tries to back across traffic, make a u-turn, or cross onto a street or highway increases the danger of a potential side underride truck accident. The truck driver may incorrectly assume that the truck is visible to oncoming drivers as the truck crosses the road. An underride truck accident or underrun truck accident is often a fatal accident. If not fatal, the traffic crash often leads to catastrophic personal injury, including head injury, brain injury, spinal cord injury, and/or paralysis.

If you or a family member was involved in an underride collision or underrun collision, contact our experienced personal injury attorneys. Motor vehicle accident cases involving trucks can be a complex and prompt investigation, and legal action is often required to protect consumer rights and position the case to achieve justice. Contact our accident attorneys today.

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Common Car Accident Causes – Personal Injury Law

Common Car Accident Causes

The severity of a motor vehicle accident varies depending on the cause of the accident. You or a loved one could have suffered substantial injuries from any of the common car accident accident attorneys

Recovering from car accident injuries often requires an individual to stop working. This often means a loss of steady wages, which can be challenging and cause considerable anxiety. Depending on the nature of the injuries, an individual may also be unable to continue in a previous career. More on this website

Financial compensation can often be obtained through filing a claim for your injuries in court. Retaining the services of an experienced car accident attorney can help ensure your claim is successful.

If you’ve suffered injuries in a car accident, contact a Texas car accident attorney by giving us a call toll-free.

Some Common Car Accident Causes

Common car accident causes in the area include the following:

Texting and driving: Texting and driving are one of the main forms of distracted driving. Younger drivers are especially prone to texting and driving.
Rear-end collision: Tailgating, which means following too closely behind a vehicle, increases the chance that a driver will be unable to slow down in time to avoid an accident if the car ahead stops suddenly.
Auto defects: Driving a defective automobile is a dangerous practice that can significantly increase the risk of a serious accident.
Drunk drivers: Drunk driving is one of the main causes of car accidents, and drunk drivers pose a great hazard to other drivers on the road.
Reckless driving: Reckless driving includes activities such as speeding or failing to obey traffic signals and is responsible for numerous car accidents.
All of these common car accident causes can result in serious injuries or death and have a devastating impact on people’s lives.

Car Accident Prevention

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. They are also a main cause of death on Texas highways. However, the CDC also states that many crash-related deaths and injuries are preventable. More information on this website

The CDC engages in numerous research efforts to help prevent car accidents, which are considered a serious public health problem.

To reduce the frequency of car accidents, the CDC focuses on methods such as improving car safety features and encouraging safe driving practices. Efforts are specifically targeted at certain age groups that are especially susceptible to being involved in car accidents, such as children, teen drivers, and older adult drivers.accident lawyers

What To Do If You’ve Been In An Accident

If you’ve had a car accident, you need plenty of time to recover and heal both physically and mentally. Worrying about the medical bills that are piling up and the wages you are missing out on due to your injuries is detrimental to your health and makes the healing and recuperation process even more difficult. More here @

Filing a legal claim can help you recover the financial compensation you need because of the losses you’ve suffered due to injuries from a car accident.

When you’ve suffered injuries from a car crash, you can count on our car accident lawyers to provide the help you need. Call us toll-free for a free initial consultation.