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If You Were Hurt in a Motorcycle Accident, You Can Discuss Your Case With Our Local Lawyers.

Passenger cars and trucks represent the most significant number of vehicle accidents in Texas by far; mishaps involving motorcycles on highways and streets regularly occur here in Texas. The accident attorneys at our Law Office have over 20 years of experience negotiating settlements and trying cases for people who have been injured in accidents involving motorcycles on our streets. We have the know-how to devise a strategy from the unique circumstances that surround your case and win fair compensation for damages from the accident that left you with a severe injury and produced a pile of bills, the possible need for long-term care to assure recovery, lost wages, pain, suffering, even wrongful death. To that end, we hope this information page will help you better appreciate the legal options available to you and their value in helping you win your liability case or rightful insurance settlement. If you are like most motorcycle accident victims, you are probably not sure if you need an attorney, OR you have reached a point where you are tired of dealing with the insurance company and are ready to move on to take the next step. Either way, our experienced team of motorcycle accident injury lawyers here at our Law Office is here to help you understand how to make the most of your legal rights. More on this webpage

The Inherent Biases A Texas Motorcycle Accident Victim Must Deal With on the Road to Fair Injury Compensation
The difference between motorcycle and car accidents goes much deeper than the obvious ones. Aside from the significant differences in the amount, and degree, of injuries, a motorcyclist must deal with after an accident at 30 miles an hour, as opposed to passengers in a car or pickup at that same speed, motorcycle accidents are falsely believed to be the same as car accidents in legal terms when this is not the case. Many in our industry believe, and reasonably so that a motorcycle rider who is injured in an accident starts with a massive disadvantage because the insurance companies have a negative bias toward motorcyclists by default. This bias quickly becomes apparent the moment an injured biker files a claim. This inflexible thinking can cloud motorcycle accident cases and make settling them with an insurance company or litigating them in civil court much more complex than passenger car accidents. Because you can be confident that if they end up in a trial, the lawyers for that insurance company will make sure they hammer this bias home to a receptive jury.

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